"YMSB" cover art of the song title on a popper bottle"YMSB" cover art of the song title on a popper bottle

Keeli Summer came to us with a vision for her upcoming single's cover: a cheeky rebranding of a popper bottle, as well as some elements that reflected the style of her and the friend which the song is about. I went to work modeling and retexturing 3D objects in order to create the album art, a canvas for the song on Spotify, as well as a collection of still imagery to be used as promotional materials leading up to the song's release.

shiny high heelstwo bright lipsticks

project scope

  • video editing

  • 3D modeling & animation - Blender

  • motion graphics

  • production of livestream

Song release announcement featuring sunglasses
Song release announcement featuring iphone playing the single

a huge thanks to:

  • Keeli Summer - Singer & Songwriter

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