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Slanted Creative Co.

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Slanted is a web design and digital media studio in Bozeman, Montana

What We Do

Building a beautiful online platform

for your small business, blog, non-profit or passion project.

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Aligning your brand's voice, visuals & values

We work with artists, storytellers, creatives, underdogs, day-dreamers:People

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Breathing life into your project

with stunning editing, motion graphics, and animated 3D content.

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Tell your story

building hype for your upcoming music project, product or event through curated and customized visuals

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How We Do It

Free Consulation
Every project starts by contacting us to schedule a free consultation!
At this stage we get to know each other, and begin the process of learning about you, your business and how we can help you accomplish your goals. After we've determined the scope, budget and timeline for your project, we put a pin in things to prepare you a quote.
After you approve our quote, we sign a design agreement and collect a 20% deposit on your project to begin working on the Discovery phase.
In this phase we have a meeting with you and deep dive into your brand, clients, goals, services and more. We have to know you and your business inside and out to ensure we do the best work for you.
After we incorporate your feedback and finalize your project, we send the remaining invoice and will promptly deliver the final project to you!

Who We Are

We think of our studio as the nice middle ground between a freelancer and a large design agency. We call Bozeman, Montana home but we work with clients from all over.

More About Us

How To Reach Us

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