Little Barn Preschool

Where kids explore, learn, and play.

Little Barn Preschool, nestled in the serene expanse of Bozeman, Montana, offers a distinctive hands-on learning experience within a thoughtfully designed 5-acre farm environment. Our comprehensive services encompass branding, web design, collateral creation, and marketing, all tailored to encapsulate their unique Montessori approach infused with outdoor education.

Branding, Identity & Strategy

Website, Design & Development

Collateral Design

Digital Advertising


Educational Journey Enriched with Nature's Canvas

To showcase Little Barn Preschool's value proposition, we crafted a website that vividly portrays their hands-on learning in nature. We designed a secure parent portal to facilitate vital communication. Our comprehensive digital marketing campaigns propelled Little Barn's growth, amplifying application outreach, staff hiring, social media presence, and web traffic.


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Bridging Nature's Beauty with Young Hearts' Curiosity

The inspiration behind Little Barn's project was the harmonious fusion of early education with the serenity of Montana's natural landscapes. By crafting a digital space that mirrors their outdoor-focused approach, we aimed to nurture a love for learning in young minds, fostering a curiosity that aligns with nature's innate wonder.


Our comprehensive web design and marketing campaigns have led to a remarkable 150% growth in social media presence and a consistent monthly increase in web traffic.


The digital advertising campaigns generated an overwhelming response, resulting in over 200 student application inquiries and the successful filling of all employment positions.


Our ongoing partnership with Little Barn has facilitated the creation of various creative assets, from customized parent portals to Welcome Packets, enhancing their overall educational experience.


Fostering Growth, One Curious Mind at a Time

Little Barn Preschool's journey exemplifies the transformative power of tailored branding, design, and marketing strategies. By connecting education with nature, we've created a digital representation that resonates with both parents and students. The project reflects our commitment to nurturing young minds and watching them flourish in Little Barn's enriching environment.

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