Though the main goal of a website is to capture new clientele, express the business's mission, and generate leads; sometimes a website also needs to help businesses alleviate some serious issues they are facing in day-to-day operations.

Aether Tattoo Club is no exception. By all accounts ATC is a wildly successful tattoo shop in Bozeman, MT. It is home to five full time and insanely talented artists. Despite being overwhelmingly busy and highly regarded, they were facing several serious bottlenecks in their business operations and client communications.

This is where we stepped in! Aether launched a new website that is packed full of information, guides clients through their booking process, and made it clear which style each artist is an expert in. This website was developed with the intention of helping their clients but also helping the folks who work there spend more time tattooing and less time responding to emails.

project scope

  • web development

  • web design

  • custom animations

  • content management system

One major issue that ATC faced was explaining to perspective clients the different styles of tattoos that are offered as well as which artist is responsible for those styles.
We created a robust page that displays examples of each style and then allows user to discover the artist responsible for that example. Once users have narrowed down an artist, they can then visit that artist's individual profile to learn more about that artist and their booking information.

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a huge thanks to:

  • Olivia Hogan - Owner of Aether Tattoo Club

    • Art

    • Copy

  • Rachel Dunlap - Photography

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