When it comes to brunch in Bozeman, Montana, no place does it quite like Jam! On Main. This fun and bright space offers a unique twist on all of your favorite breakfast classics. Jam! came to Slanted for a new website to help them better capture the experience they offer their guests and to solve some bottlenecks in their current operations. We had a lot of fun working with the Jam! crew to build this beautiful and custom website.

project scope

  • web design

  • web development

  • custom animations

  • content management system

  • brand identity expansion

Jam! is an incredibly busy restaurant and when they came to Slanted for a new website they had some day-to-day problems they were hoping the website could help address. For starters, they don’t take reservations and they have a specific waitlist system, they wanted the website to clearly explain how that works. Our solution was to create an entire section of the website that explains how customers can add their names to the waitlist. We also added a pop-up window that displays when someone clicks the “call now” button reiterating the waitlist protocol. We also made sure to add in little reminders throughout the site. This solution lead to a reduction in phone call time by an average of 30 seconds giving the hosts more time to help in person customers.

Also included in the new Jam website is a custom 3D rendering of a mimosa in Jam!’s signature tall glasses. It’s these fun and playful elements that really make this website unique and showcase all that Jam! has going on. Give their new site a scroll! Also, when you inevitably get a craving for Eggs Benedict, there is no better place to satisfy your desire.

In addition to some custom 3D work and the website, we also expanded the Jam! original logo into a few new variations. We also created some fun art assets and a motion graphic that could be used on the site, social media, and other collateral.

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a huge thanks to:

  • Jam! On Main Management Team

  • Tori Thomas - Photography

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