Arken Optics worked with Mission Ranch to create an ad promoting the launch of their new hunting scope. Director Ryan Nordin approached Slanted about creating several of the effects necessary to create the ad, however we did not yet know how to accomplish them.

In the course of three days, Ellis learned the basics of the industry standard program Houdini FX, and created two simulations for the ad. The close up shots of the lens assembling piece by piece, as well as the metal growth effect when the scope forms around the glass were both created.

project scope

  • 3D simulation - houdini fx

  • 3D modeling - blender

Ellis also provided direction to the VFX supervisor on how to achieve the cooling glass effect through procedural texturing that is seen as the lens forms.

Watch the full advertisement now.

a huge thanks to:

  • mission ranch - production

  • arken optics

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