Josh Moore

Capturing Musical Journeys with Authenticity

Originating from the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina and now calling the Rocky Mountains of Montana home, Josh Moore's folk-driven musical style is a tapestry woven from influences like John Prine, Guy Clark, and Marin Sexton. Our collaboration encompassed album art, creative direction, custom type, and collateral creation.

Album Art

Creative Direction


Collateral Design


Visual Narratives that Echo Musical Vibes

We embarked on this project with a vision that seamlessly melded Josh Moore's diverse musical influences with the majestic landscapes he calls home. The album art, custom type, and collateral reflect his Appalachian roots, Montana's rugged charm, and his distinctive musical style, creating a harmonious visual journey.


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Interweaving Music and Landscape with Design

Inspired by the intersection of Moore's musical journey and the breathtaking landscapes of Montana and the Appalachians, we aimed to encapsulate this fusion in every design element. The challenge was to evoke nostalgia, echo Montana's grandeur, and reflect Moore's vibrant, funky style.


Our designs harmoniously blend Moore's musical narrative with the landscapes he loves, resonating with authenticity.


Custom typography and album art become visual extensions of Moore's music, conveying the essence of his Appalachian and Montana influences.


The visuals we crafted narrate the melodies and heart of Moore's music, offering audiences a glimpse into the soul of his songs.


Design That Resonates With the Soul

Our collaboration with Josh Moore epitomizes the fusion of musical essence and visual storytelling. By embracing his diverse influences and Montana-Appalachian connections, we've created designs that translate his heartfelt melodies into a visual symphony, reflecting the landscapes that shaped his art and making his music resonate more deeply.

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