Have you ever met someone so kind hearted, talented, funny, and clever that it’s hard to believe that they are even real? Well, we have, and that person is Rachel Dunlap. Rachel is a multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on fine art, pottery, and illustration. Rachel is local to Bozeman, MT and if you’re looking for some fun new art to brighten up your space, you can find her art on display at several local retailers or on her new website (built by us!)

project scope

  • web development

  • web co-design

  • custom animations

  • content management system

Aside from all of the custom animations and interactions, this website is also equipped with a content management system (CMS). Rachel’s portfolio pages use a CMS which allows her to simply fill out the entry form with her photos and relevant information and then it auto populates it into a perfectly designed live portfolio page. This makes creating consistent pages a breeze and allows Rachel to spend more time on her art rather than updating her website.

preview the website

visit rayart.co

a huge thanks to:

  • rachel dunlap - owner of ray art co.

    • art

    • photography

    • layout and web co-design

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