Positivity Outward is a non-profit organization based in Montana. They empower rural youth with mentorship-guided skills and tools for well-being.  Through an app, rural Montana high school students connect with college mentors who guide reflection and action. This cycle helps students to learn, grow, and create well-being from their experiences. Their vision is for every teen to have the confidence, self-awareness, and self-management skills needed to find and follow their passions.

In the Spring of 2021, Slanted was apart of the Montana State University 50K Venture Competition in which we awarded two contestants with $10,000 in design work. The money could be used for branding, web development, campaign ideation and creation, or any other service they needed for the advancement of their business.

Positivity Outward was one of the winners and they chose to use their budget towards a new brand identity and help with the UX of their app.

project scope

  • brand identity

  • messaging

  • concept & naming

  • assistance designing app ux

Positivity Outward is not your typical app. Because it is primarily going to be used in an academic setting, advocated by teachers in Montana public schools.

The branding needed to appeal to both teens and follow the design guidelines adhered to by academia. With the PO team, we kept checking to make sure the decisions we were making appealed to our target audience of teens while still feeling safe and professional for the adults who would also be utilizing the app.

Zariah Tolzman is the founder and head researcher behind Positivity Outward, in addition to being a literal dream to work with. When we first got together we starting looking at the branding that they had, what she liked and disliked about it and then strategized how we could utilize some of her favorite elements while applying what we learned from our market research to the new branding.

Positivity Outward’s mascot is this friendly little figurine named Po. Their original iteration of Po lacked the personality and youthfulness they wanted. They also felt that the original Po was a little too masculine and wasn’t a image all of their app users could relate to.

In our new iteration of Po we actually created four different versions of Po with different body shapes, personalities and colors in hopes that every user could find a Po that they could connect with.

a huge thanks to:

  • Zariah Tolzman - Founder of Positivity Outward

  • Joaquin Monterossa - App Development

  • Montana State Univeristy - 50K Venture Competition Hosts

  • MSU Blackstone Launchpad - Venture Coaches

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