Taylor Gallagher is a skilled welder, CNC Machinist, and jeweler based out of Bozeman Montana. She approached Slanted looking for an online home for her small business, one that not only had eCommerce features but an easy way for her to maintain a portfolio. We created a custom website for her that allowed her to sell her fine works, showcase her abilities in a portfolio she can update by simply filling out a form, and showcase the numerous positive reviews she has from customers.

project scope

  • web development

  • web co-design

  • custom animations

  • content management system

  • eCommerce store

Slanted created Periphery Metalworks its own eCommerce platform that lives directly on the website. Through it Taylor is able to manage inventory, orders, payment and shipping information.

Go take a look for yourself, maybe you'll find a beautiful hand crafted piece you can't pass up!

a huge thanks to:

  • Taylor Gallagher - Owner of Periphery Metalworks

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