October 17, 2023

Bozeman 2022 Queer Owned Business Guide 2022

Bozeman 2022 Queer Owned Business Guide 2022

Ellis Osen
October 17, 2023

Hey internet folks, it’s us over at Slanted, here to chat more about queer owned businesses. Here in Montana, we have a vibrant and ever growing queer community that we want to see thrive for years to come. One way we can ensure this community continues to grow is to support queer-owned businesses. These are real, hard working LGBTQ+ identifying folks who are not only running their own businesses, they are creating safe spaces and safe employment opportunities for other LGBTQ+ people in our community. Next time you need to get your bike tuned up, are looking to schedule a photoshoot, or want to grab a cup of coffee, consider taking your business to one of these queer owned spaces. ALSO, this is not a definite list. If you or someone you know is an LGBTQ+ identifying person and owns a business here in Montana, let us know!

Aether Tattoo Club

Ash Weisel, a tattoo artist at Aether Tattoo Club, tattooing a client in their beautiful studio.

Aether Tattoo Club is a queer owned business near and dear to our heart. In addition to having some of the most talented artists in the region, Aether Tattoo is committed to creating an environment that is safe and inviting to all clients regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or religious creed. Tattooing is an industry that can often perpetuate a culture that excludes people of marginalized identities. We are so proud to call Aether a client, and hope you consider them for your next tattoo. Check out the website we built for them, and support this shop today!

Alter Cycles

The Alter Cycles team and community members on trail

Alter cycles is a queer owned bike repair and merchandise store based in Bozeman, Montana. They work hard to create a safe space for all bike enthusiasts. Stop by the shop or give them a call for any of your bike related needs!

Lo Hunter a local Bozeman photographer

There are a lot of talented photographers in Bozeman but one of our personal favs is Lo Hunter. Lo Hunter Photography is a proudly queer owned biz that works in commercial, product, and lifestyle photography. She is also the official photographer for Missoula Pride! Check out her work here.

Julio, the owner of The Flow Hat, holding a large bouquet of fresh cut peonies.

Who doesn't love fresh cut flowers? Julio, the owner of The Flower Hat in Bozeman, Montana. REALLY loves fresh cut flowers. He is a floral designer that creates gorgeous arrangements for all types of events. You can find out more about The Flower hat on their website.

Plants for sale at The Garden Barn's Marketplace location

For all of you interior and exterior plant needs we can recommend The Garden Barn enough! This queer owned biz is based in Bozeman and has two locations so no matter what you're looking for, they'll have it.

We will continue to update this list of Queer Owned Businesses in Bozeman. If you or someone you know in the Gallatin Valley area should be added to this list feel free to send us an email!