Libby Hendrix is to hair what Jimmy Hendrix is to guitar - unimaginably talented. There is no one else we would allow this close to our ears with a pair of scissors. Libby Hendrix is a resident stylist at Velvet Salon in Bozeman, MT who specializes in transformative cuts, razor cut shags, and color painting. Getting  your hair done by Libby isn’t just receiving a service, its an experience. When Libby came to us to help her create a website that she could send current and perspective clients to, we were so excited.

project scope

  • web development

  • web design

  • custom animations

  • brand collateral

We spent several hours with Libby going over inspiration photos, diving into bright and bold color options and playing with organic shapes. Libby wanted her website to give clients a real feel for her personality, style and vibe. It was important that her website express her feminine energy while still allowing those of all genders to see themselves in her chair. We had so much fun creating custom shapes and art pieces for this site and tying them into on-site animations that move with you through the website.

Although Libby has a pretty robust Instagram portfolio, she felt that it wasn’t a platform that gave her clients a deeper look at her craft or her values. In the site you’ll find a section dedicated to her specialties as well as a section dedicated to the earth friendly, cruelty free products that she always uses on her clients. If you’re looking for the best gosh-darn curtain bangs this side of the Mississippi, we encourage you to book an appointment with our friend Libby.

preview the website

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a huge thanks to:

  • Libby Hendrix - stylist

    • Velvet Salon - copy & collateral

      • art

      • layout and web co-design

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