Waterworks Art Museum

The Best Art For Miles

Located in Northeast Montana sits Waterworks Art Museum. The small gallery serves as a gallery and space for classes. The rebrand was done as a self-initiated project with the intention to create a brand and website that was easier to navigate and would help bring the community together through art education.

Branding, Identity & Strategy

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Branding Inspired by Architecture, Powered by Art

Drawing inspiration from the museum's unique location - a refurbished water pump building, a fresh identity was developed reflecting its architectural charm. The user-friendly, navigable website we created is a beacon to unite the community under the shared banner of art education.


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Design Reflecting History, Fostering Community

The distinctive structure housing the Waterworks Art Museum served as the muse. Echoing its architectural forms in the new brand identity resulted in a design that not only pays homage to its rich history, but also fosters a sense of community around art education.


The new brand identity, inspired by the museum's unique location, effectively reflects its rich historical roots while positioning it as a modern art education hub.


A navigable, user-friendly website has transformed the museum into a beacon of community, fostering unity through art education.


This concept project elegantly blends architecture and design, demonstrating innovative integration of art and education through a vibrant digital identity for the Waterworks Art Museum.


Rebranding History, Redefining Community Engagement

The Waterworks Art Museum project showcases how thoughtful rebranding can breathe new life into historic spaces, enhancing their appeal and usability. By intertwining architectural inspiration with the mission of fostering art education, community engagement was redefined and the museum was positioned as a central cultural pillar in Northeast Montana.

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