Showdown Montana is not only our favorite ski resort in the state of Montana, we might go as far as to say it is our favorite ski resort...ever... With that being said, we were absolutely elated when they reached out and asked if we would help them create a fun graphic for this year's merch that tied into the celebration of their 85th anniversary.

project scope

  • custom illustration

  • merchandise design

Showdown wanted art that could be versatile across different collateral and merch and played well with their current branding. They were interested in a retro vibe that paid homage to their western roots *insert skiing cowboy* and they wanted it to be fun and bold.

Working with Showdown was such a dream and we couldn’t be happier with how our little skiing cowboy came to life. Give Showdown some love and check out the merch they have for sale this year on their website. And next time you get the itch to ride a chairlift, make the drive over to this little slice of Montana paradise.

a huge thanks to:

  • George Gold - Showdown Head of Marketing

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