From the culinary creatives that brought Bozeman Hero’s Sandwiches and On the Fly Eatery comes a new restaurant: Bad Ass BBQ. Owner’s Janna and Bruce came to Slanted to do the branding and identity work for this new barbeque restaurant located in west Bozeman. This power foodie couple originally hails from Texas and thought it was about time to bring their favorite food to the great Rocky Mountain North. They wanted the branding to be cool and a little edgy while still being casual and approachable. We had a lot of fun playing with the brand assets and bringing to life their donkey mascot.

project scope

  • branding

  • messaging

  • collateral

  • interior signage

Bad Ass BBQ isn’t the first barbeque restaurant to grace the streets of Bozeman so we wanted to make sure the branding, messaging, and their overall personality separated them from their competitors. We took a much more casual approach that was a reflection of the laid back nature of the owners and their service style. We made the messaging a little cheeky and added in some of the southern carm that makes the food and the atmosphere down at BA BBQ so inviting. This project was packed with brand assets that they could use in their various collateral needs such as BBQ sauce bottles, merchandise, and so much more.

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